Discover 5 Easy And Inexpensive Ways To Update Your Patio

5 Easy and Inexpensive ways to Update your patio

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It’s spring time and that means everyone wants to be outside and with the pandemic this last year homeowners have spent more time at home. Being at home more, means more time noticing those areas of neglect such as patio spaces and landscaping. Add to it that the housing market is booming and buyers are looking for spaces they can enjoy together outdoors. So if you are looking to sell or just wanting to spruce up your backyard without breaking the bank, here are 6 easy and inexpensive ways to spruce up that backyard.

1. Power wash all patio areas and furniture.

Cleaning all furniture and patio areas will immediately draw the eye to how clean everything looks. Even if its not the newest seating or patio space, power washing will bring it back to life and who doesn’t love a crisp clean space?

2. Add Color

Add color by adding new outdoor throw pillows or planting variations of flowers in planters and placing them around the patio. Adding plant stands or placing plants on an outdoor coffee table and at varying heights will add depth and please the eye. Some great plants to add to repel mosquitos are Lemon Grass or Lavender. Not only will your patio look and smell great but you will be bug free!

3. Refresh Patio Cushions

Most patio cushions wear out pretty quickly after one season if they tend to be in the sun or weather elements a lot. If your cushions are flat and dull or becoming moldy opt for buying new cushions to update the space. If buying new cushions isn’t an option, use a good mold cleaner and spray down and wash and let them dry. Rust-oleum recently came out with Outdoor Fabric Spray Paint for patio cushions in several great colors and the cost of painting your cushions instead of purchasing new will save you several hundred dollars. After your cushions have dried simply follow the directions on the can and you’ll have cushions that look new.

4. Add New Mulch/Trim Landscaping

Another great way to refresh an outdoor space is to simply replace old mulch with new and trim any bushes and large shrubbery. You’ll feel like you hired a professional landscaper at a fraction of the cost. Some of the more popular options for mulch in North Carolina are pine straw (which you probably have in abundance in your backyard!) and bark mulch. To read more about mulch options, check out this article.

5. Create Atmosphere with Lighting

Outdoor lights are another simple fun way to create a comforting atmosphere when you are wanting to still enjoy the outdoors into the evening. Hang in criss-cross patterns, along the roof line if you have a covering or use solar powered individual lights around the perimeter.

These 5 easy and inexpensive ideas are just to get your mind started on thinking how you can create a beautiful space you and your family will love. For more great ideas on patios check out Houzz and if you find yourself overwhelmed or short on time give us a call to help get your patio outdoor ready!

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