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Welcome! I'm Melissa...

Growing up I was always drawn to the design details whether it was how a party or event was decorated to the colors and furniture style of a room. I remember being at a mother-daughter event as a young teenager and leaning over to my mom and whispering about the flower arrangements and how I envisioned them for a wedding. The details were always running through my head and I was always conjuring up crafts or some creative outlet in some way.

This dream and drive to create beautiful spaces didn’t become a reality overnight. I married my husband in December of 2009 and was whisked away from my hometown in Virginia to our first duty station at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. 12 years, 6 moves and 3 kids later we have found our home in NC. Over the last several years I began honing my passion for interior décor and design within my own home and that passion began flowing to helping others with questions or décor advice.

I believe that our homes should be inviting in atmosphere and the number one place we love to be. My goal in all that I do for myself as well as for my clients is to create functional and beautiful spaces that give your home the most value and create a cozy haven of peace and clarity that allows more time to spend doing what you love. My mission is to create functionality and uncluttered, beautiful spaces that give my clients the ability to bring value to their home whether it is to resell their home or to create a haven of safety and peace that allows them to spend time doing what they love. 

If you are looking for help to gain the most from your home whether it is re-selling or making your home a haven for you and your family, I am here to help.

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