Contentment with a Thankful Heart

This was a post I started years ago on an old blog and never posted. It still resonates with me today and seemed a fitting reminder as we come up on this holiday season. It’s a little lengthy and not my typical home decor post but I hope it encourages you.

My house is boring along with mis-matched pillows and lamps that weren’t intended for that room and many other things I could find “wrong” with all of the rooms in my house. I know that most people who walk into my home would disagree so why am I telling you this? Because I find that there is always something I can be discontent about or unthankful for.

 I LOVE decorating and blogging about it. I love following other talented bloggers and their work on Instagram and Pinterest. There is always one problem I notice after I have been scrolling and pinning and looking for inspiration. I begin thinking how this wall is bare and that wall is bare and this room isn’t how I want it, etc, etc. My discontent heart begins to rear it’s ugly head. Suddenly, what I have is not good enough. Isn’t that how it always is? We suddenly become critics of ourselves, what we have isn’t good enough and we find ourselves feeling as if we don’t have enough. Often times I find myself saying it’s my husbands fault that we don’t have what we want and it’s “unfair” but we are never thankful that we have what we NEED.

My husband and I have always been on some sort of budget. One thing that I am starting to try and do is be content and thankful for what I have and using resourceful ways to make my house a home. You see, my husband is awesome, I promise. He allows me money for myself each month to do what I want with it, as well as a teeny tiny amount of money for my house. I know, what was I complaining about before, right? And still, it always seems that it’s never enough money.

I have been thinking about contentment a lot lately. I love to look at all the pictures and crafts to get ideas of ways to make fun things for my home. My only problem is, I come away wanting everything and fighting an urge to be sad that my house doesn’t look like so and so’s house. The world will tell us that happiness is found in your dream job, family, friends and love. While that in some respects can be true, it is still not what can truly make us happy at all times. The only thing we can truly be content in at all times in our Savior. How many times a day do I ponder the word and what God has to say to me and how many times of the day do I ponder the next thing I want to accomplish in my house? How much more content would I be if I looked to the Lord rather than man for my approval?

I encourage you friends, as this holiday season rolls around and you browse Pinterest and instagram and all the beautiful blogs remember that those things are not the most important. Remember that we are all on our own journey and we all have more worth than what our home looks like. Remember that even those who have the most picture worthy homes struggle with the same things we do. Take one day and one room at a time. Love the space you are in now and count your blessings and remember the most important things to be thankful for this year. As you gather around your table don’t fret about the most perfect table setting or pin worthy decor. Enjoy family, be thankful for your health, a roof over your head and a meal to feast.

Count your blessings, name them one by one

Count your blessings, see what God has done

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

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