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How to Dry Hydrangeas + Decor Inspiration

Are you wanting to dry your hydrangeas for fall decor this year? Have you always loved the look of dried hydrangeas but have no idea where to start? Find out how I dried my hydrangea stems for decor use below! 

I have always loved hydrangea bushes and have been dreaming and planning where I could eventually plant some of these gorgeous bushes at our new house. Imagine how thrilled I was when I found a large bush among the overgrown landscaping and trees in my yard. Dried hydrangea stems are perfect for fall decor as well as everyday decor. You can find so many gorgeous arrangements and inspiration on Pinterest and I was excited to try my hand at drying some of the stems to use in my decor this fall.

drying hydrangeas for decor
Our “Endless Summer” hydrangea bush.

 If you have a hydrangea bush and want to dry your stems the first step is making sure you cut them at the best time of the season so that they dry properly. Most hydrangeas will have ended their blooming season by the end of July to the beginning of August.

I’m pretty sure that my hydrangea is an “Endless Summer” variety which blooms all through June and July with blue or pink blooms depending on your soil and will bloom on new and old wood. My blooms were blue and as you can see in the above photo, there was no shortage of blooms. They typically grow between 3-5 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

 You will want to watch for the color to change to a bright green as that is a sign that they are no longer holding too much water. Another sign is to look for small brown spots on your blooms that show they have started the drying process.

cut hydrangea stems

I love that my blooms still had that tinge of purple/blue color to the blooms at the color “drained” out. Here I clipped about 10-15 blooms with some floral cutters and still had plenty left on my bush if I wanted more.

hydrangea stems drying in basket


 After clipping your stems simply leave them to dry on their own. I placed mine in this large a basket and tray to dry. It made for pretty decor even while they were drying. After about 2 days they were completely dry and ready to use!

old toolbox with dried hydrangeas

I placed several of my stems in this old toolbox I had and used it as a centerpiece on my table. I also used several in my tin olive bucket for my kitchen table.

olive bucket with dried hydrangeas

  There are so many great ways to use dried hydrangea stems and if you don’t have a hydrangea bush you can always use faux stems to create these looks as well. Scroll down below for more ideas and inspiration on how you can add hydrangeas to your everyday decor. And if you do dry some hydrangea stems, leave a comment letting me know!

Hanging Hydrangea Basket


Hearth and Vine Dried Hydrangea Basket


French Country Cottage


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