Are you one of those people who feels lost when it comes to home decor? Maybe you go to a friends house, you walk in and it’s beautifully decorated and the first thing you think is, “remind me not to EVER have her over to my home.” Or maybe you scour pinterest and you see all of these beautiful pins of beautiful homes and think, “my house will never look like these.”

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Well I am here to tell you don’t despair, believe it or not, if you’ve wanted to have a beautiful home it doesn’t take a home designer to do it for you. I know this because I have been there, searching pinterest, seeing beautiful pictures and gorgeous home decor and feeling like I will never have a home as beautiful as some of those.

When Tim and I first got married we had barely anything to our name or our house, haha! We were newly married in a tiny one bedroom apartment and six months later we moved to our first duty station. We were given a small three bedroom home on post with horrible white tile all throughout it and pure white walls. I remember feeling so lost and embarrassed at times over my lack of furniture, especially rugs! Over the years as I’ve started to figure out what I love in my home and learn how to put things together and here’s the 4 main ways I did it

1. Take one room at a time.

I realized that one of the main reasons that I felt overwhelmed and defeated was because I was looking at my whole house and its decor instead of taking it one room at a time. When I looked at my house and saw that it wasn’t anywhere near what I wanted it to be and then I saw all these beautiful houses that flowed well and the whole home was gorgeous, I felt defeated. I no longer was excited for the small purchases that I had made to decorate with but felt that I didn’t have enough. Remember that even those fancy designers or beautiful blogs and instagram posts all had to start somewhere too and they have been exactly where you are now. So pick one room to start with and get started!

2. Find Your Anchoring Piece.

What in the world do I mean by find your anchoring piece? No, I am not talking about a ship. When working with decor in a room its easy to feel lost even within that one room on how to get started. An anchoring piece is that piece of decor that anchors the room and all other decor within that room. It could be something such as a bedspread, piece of furniture, throw pillow or a large decor piece that you found and fell in love with. Usually it is a piece that is on the larger side of decor and all other smaller pieces fall into place around it. For my living room I was inspired by the blog Dear Lillie and her older posts with her farmhouse style and light and airy colors of grays, blues and neutrals. All of my furniture was already in that similar color scheme and I found light gray curtains similar to hers that I loved and I began building what I wanted off of that color scheme.

via Dear Lillie Studio

3. Buy only things that you love.

This is a big one and I am still guilty of this from time to time. Only buy decor that you absolutely love. If you do not love the items you purchase you will walk into your home still feeling defeated about its decor and lost on making your house yours. I don’t have very many items anymore that I don’t love and I’ve learned that if I don’t love it, not to buy it.

4. Looking to Pinterest and Social Media for Inspiration

I am always looking to Pinterest, Instagram feeds and other blogs for inspiration. I also really like to follow those that are more seasoned than I am to learn tips and tricks of putting decor together. I’ve already linked to a couple of my favorite blogs in the above pictures and I’ll share a few more below. As always, remember to decorate how you love and don’t overthink it or compare to others. We all have to start out somewhere!


Some of my Favorite Places for Design Inspiration:

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