Read About My DIY And Review Of Magnolia Home Shiplap Wallpaper

My DIY and Review of Magnolia Home Shiplap Wallpaper

Hi friends! Welcome back to the blog; It’s been a while since I have posted. With my husband gone for several months on deployment, sick kiddos, Christmas, New Year and just life in general, I honestly didn’t push myself too hard to keep up and took a break. I did keep up a bit more on Instagram so hopefully you kept up with me over there and if you’re not following me on Instagram, you really should be. 😉 I wanted to share a DIY tutorial and review on Magnolia Home’s Shiplap Wallpaper. I had been eyeing this wallpaper for a while and wasn’t sure how it would work in our home. If you know me, you know that I live in military housing and am always looking for rental friendly options. Somedays it can be hard to live in a space not your own because there is so much you want to do that you can’t. With that said, there have become so many renter friendly options to make a house more of the home you want.

 I knew that renter friendly wallpaper existed and have used before in my half-bath. I love the look of white shiplap and am always drawn to black, whites and neutral colors so when I saw Magnolia’s shiplap print I knew it would be perfect for my dining room. The wallpaper in my half-bath is peel and stick so it was really simple to install. Magnolia Homes is pre-pasted so it doesn’t come already sticky which means its a little bit of a different installation progress. I googled a few videos and blog posts on this type of wallpaper before we got started and it seemed fairly easy but I was nervous it wouldn’t be as easy as it looked. Let me tell you, it was so simple to apply! We made a couple of small mistakes that you will see in the tutorial but they had nothing to do with the wallpaper itself. If you’ve ever looked at Magnolia’s shiplap wallpaper and wondered how easy it is to add to your walls or if you have textured walls like we do, then I am here to show you that it can be done and how.

Step 1: Measure your wall(s) that you want to Wallpaper

First, you will need to measure all the walls you want to put your wallpaper on; I purchased my wallpaper from Bellacor. I googled and price compared different websites and they were the cheapest per roll. One thing to keep in mind is that the price on the website is for one single roll but its sold in double rolls. The square footage calculation on the information is for a double roll. After you have measured all your walls you will need to calculate the square footage of the walls to know how much wallpaper you will need. Bellacor also has a great tool to calculate the square footage for you and how many rolls you would need. Simply put in the measurements of your wall in and it will tell you how many you should order.

Step 2: Gather your supplies

My DIY and Review of Joanna Gaines Shiplap Wallpaper

 In order to hang this type of wallpaper you will need a few supplies. I used:

-Magnolia Homes Shiplap Wallpaper
-a fabric cutting mat with large plastic ruler and cutting edge
-rolling fabric cutter
-large spray bottle
-spatula tools like the ones to patch a wall (not pictured)
– a box cutter
– folding table (optional)

There are some tutorials that use all the fancy wallpaper tools, you won’t need those unless you want to use them but they aren’t necessary. I purchase a plastic wallpaper smoothing tool from Target but it didn’t work as well as our metal putty spatula. We didn’t have any problems with tearing the paper from the metal of the tool and the paper is thick enough, I think it would be pretty hard to tear it unless you were being really rough.

My DIY and Review of Magnolia Home Shiplap Wallpaper
Beginning the process, the house was a wreck!
Step 3: Cut Your Strips of Wallpaper

My DIY and Review of Magnolia Homes

To cut our first piece we measured the wallpaper and cut a few inches longer than the height of the wall. We found that it worked best tho, to just hold the roll up to our wall and pull down the length to ensure we had overage and that everything was matched up with the other piece(s) we had already applied before cutting. I didn’t get a picture of that process but hopefully that makes sense. For a better idea watch this YouTube video, we found it very helpful.

My DIY and Review of Magnolia Home Shiplap Wallpaper

My DIY and Review of Magnolia Homes Shiplap Wallpaper
The first piece cut!

After you cut your paper you’ll want to lay it out on a table and then spray really well with a sprayer or spray bottle. Once its all sprayed you will fold it over end to end to allow the glue to activate. This process can take about 3-5 minutes, we found it didn’t take very long for us.

My DIY and Review of Magnolia Home Shiplap Wallpaper
Spraying down the wallpaper, notice our dog was a constant spectator :)~
My DIY and Review of Magnolia Home Shiplap Wallpaper
Folding the ends together to let the glue activate
Step 4: Apply Your Strip to the Wall

Once the glue is activated enough you can take your piece and begin applying to your wall. Now we have textured walls and I have read that it doesn’t stick well to this type of wall but we didn’t have problems with it sticking at all. There were a few places that it had to be smoothed a little but more or I had to use a sponge to activate the glue but it stuck with no problem. You will want to start from the top of the wall and work your way down smoothing the paper going in a downward and outward motion. We used a combination of the sponge and smoothing tools to apply the paper. I don’t have many pictures of this process due to helping with this process.

TIP: You’ll notice in the photo above that the two pieces of wallpaper have a lot of lines making the wood pieces look short. It took us a bit to figure out the pattern and how it goes together because it wasn’t an abstract pattern that was easy to distinguish lines, etc. Both sides have grey lines on some of the planks so its hard to tell which side matches with which. In the photo below you can see that the lines on the bottom have a darker portion to the line and a lighter portion. We started to take note that we had hung our pieces with the lighter portion down and then some pieces we realized were flipped to have the dark portion of the line hanging downward.  From then on we always made sure that the lighter portion was on the “bottom” and then we matched up the grey portion on the sides and made sure the textured portions of the wood lined up. It’s a little hard to explain but as you do it yourself it will start to make sense.
My DIY and Review of Magnolia Home Shiplap Wallpaper
A close up of the texture of our walls and how the wallpaper stuck as well as the differing of colors on the lines.

Once the piece was completely hung the Mr. cut the overage. The best way to do it, as you’ll see in the YouTube video linked is to hold the spatula against wallpaper and to move your box cutter along the edge, never going past the spatula. Move the spatula to the next uncut portion and continue to cut.

My DIY and Review of Magnolia Home Shiplap Wallpaper
Cutting the overage of the Wallpaper
Step 5: Continue this process until all your strips are applied!

Because we did only one wall as an accent, I don’t have any tips for matching up corners or multiple walls. There are many great YouTube videos and blog posts on Pinterest, so be sure to check there if you need more help in that area!

My DIY and Review of Magnolia Home Shiplap Wallpaper
The finished wall before hanging wall decor back up.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Finished Work!

My DIY and Review of Magnolia Home Shiplap Wallpaper

My DIY and Review of Magnolia Homes Shiplap Wallpaper

I am so happy with how this project turned out and would highly recommend the Magnolia line of wallpapers. I am planning to add this print to a couple of other places in my home to tie it all in and will share more progress through Instagram and the blog as I do. The project in all took about a day to-do but really could have been done completely within a couple of hours. We just took our time due to being off work and having snow day. 🙂 If you’re curious as to how well the wallpaper comes off continue reading below.

Since we had made the mistake with matching up the first two pieces, the next day we took the pieces down and re-hung new strips correctly to match. I was a little worried how easy it would come off even tho I had seen in other videos that it simply peels off. We started in the top corner of one of the pieces and began slowly peeling. It came off so easily and left no residue at all, all we had to do was peel it right off. I’ve posted some photos below of the Mr. peeling off the second piece so you can see how easily it comes off.

Peeling off the Wallpaper

The Mr. is in his uniform because we fixed this problem on his lunch break. 🙂