Quick & Simple Thanksgiving Place Setting

Quick and Simple Thanksgiving Place Setting

Hi friends! I’m sorry, I know I have been MIA. It’s been a little crazy here with sickness, snow days and bins of Christmas decor I’m going through. I can’t believe we are already coming up on the week of Thanksgiving! I wanted to share with you all the quick and easy DIY place setting I did a couple of weeks ago for the progressive dinner I hosted. Since I don’t usually get to host Thanksgiving dinner at my house, I wanted to use this opportunity to decorate like I would if I was hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner.

Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Place Setting

When I was setting up for this event I knew I wanted it to feel formal yet have a place setting that was quick and easy to clean up. We had two rounds of ladies coming in for the dinner and only about 10-15 minutes between to reset everything before the second round of ladies came through. With that in mind, I knew I would need to use table settings that were able to be tossed quickly but still looked pretty. I also wanted the silverware to be pretty but easy to undo and throw away. I was in such a rush so I forgot to take pictures of the whole process but hopefully you will be able to figure it out from my photos. 🙂

Since this was a dinner of soups and breads, I didn’t need all of the silverware, mainly just a spoon and napkin. I bought natural colored card stock and made a basic template using word documents. I chose one of my favorite fonts and typed the word “thankful”. I had also bought twine. I printed my basic template (which you can find below!) and then cut each word out. I then folded the napkin in half and then half again, placed the spoon down and wrapped with the twine. I cut a long enough piece of twine to be able to lay the napkin and spoon on top of it and then cross the twine over and around it. Once I was done it had three loops around it and I tied it in a bow. I then tucked the simple thankful tag into the twine.

Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Table Setting

It was so simple to make. I think I put 36 together in about 45 minutes and you could easily add in a fork or knife to this little bundle as well. Once the first dinner was done it was so nice to be able to just toss everything. I heard from some of my hostess helpers that the ladies all loved it and apparently were taking photos to have their own idea for Thanksgiving! Ha!

Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Table Setting
Almost all items I purchased for this Quick and Easy Thanksgiving table setting came from Walmart, except for the plate which I found at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.

Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Place Setting

Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Table Place Setting

I hope this inspires you and encourages you that entertaining can be simple and easy!

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If you are looking for the template, please click the image below.

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